Michael, Autism

Michael, a 12 year old boy with autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy

Summary of the testimonial

We want to thank everyone at the Hyperbaric Therapy Center for all the love and support you have been giving us since day one. Our son Michael began treatments at the center at the age of 12. This is older than most children. We weren't sure of what to expect, all we knew was that we wanted a miracle to take place. We started slowly with just 10 treatments (dives) along with IV chelating. We decided we were not going to mention anything to anyone at school because we knew Michael would be under the microscope. We started getting reports from school that Michael was doing so well and very focused, his eye contact was really good. With this news, we knew we had to get back to the Hyperbaric Therapy Center which had become our extended family. We drive from New York to Georgia which is approximately 16 hours. We didn't mind because we knew that Michael had to get back into that chamber. He has had 90 dives and is doing GREAT. His speech has gotten clearer and he is calmer, not so nervous or anxious about things. Cognitively and academically he seems to be catching up. Michael looks forward to getting into the chamber and he tells us he feels so much better after each session. I am amazed at the things my son is accomplishing, he used to get into the chamber with his dad and then one day after we all prayed over him around Thanksgiving, he decided the next day to do it alone. So miracles do happen unaware. He loves going in alone with his movies and it is his private time. We want to purchase our own chamber, but for now at least we get to see our family more often. Bill has been such a driving force in our lives and we feel so blessed to have him in our life. To be with the people at The Hyperbaric Therapy Center and to see how concerned they are for the welfare of my son and how they all want to see him recover is priceless. Words can never express the love and gratitude we feel for everyone at The Hyperbaric Therapy Center and for the opportunity to help heal our son so he can have the wonderful happy fulfilling life he was meant to have.
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