Hyperbaric Helps Margaret and David with Stroke

Hyperbaric Therapy Helps an Elderly Couple Heal from Stroke

My father, 75, living in NOwheresville, WI at the time stroked, was given the TPA drug, the symptoms began and off to a rehab and 6 weeks later still could not do anything alone. Eating was difficult; all bathrooms needs, could not talk or hold a conversation and no movement right-side. My Mom, 72, became his main caregiver. 9 months later started with HBOT Sept. of 2008 for 10 sessions in that month. So for 1 month spring and fall we would fly them to our home in Ga. to give my Mom a break and challenge my Dad with a new atmosphere. With my experience with hyperbaric I decided to get my Dad in and after the first session on the drive home, I asked him the make of a lawn mower we had passed and he said, “JohnDeere” WOW I just rejoiced hearing the words connect with his thoughts. I was so thankful and thrilled! Dad is improving a little but steady everyday and has gained a lot of confidence through HBOT and study of his body through the Lord’s eyes. Dad (78) is now walking on his own after 3 years being confined to a wheelchair. My advice is, “NEVER< NEVER< NEVER give up!!!!!”

2010 November, Mom (Margaret) due to all the stress in caring for Dad needs was spooked into having bypass surgery. 5 bypasses later and several days Mom still is not out of bed or moving! As I pushed Dad’s wheelchair into Mom’s ICU room and saw her right-sided stroked too! I called Mr. Bill and inquired in a panic, “what to do”? So insisting on being transferred to a hospital in the area with a hyperbaric chamber (mainly used for divers and limb amputation healing) and had never put a stroke patient in their HBOT before. After the first session Mom picks up her right leg, WOW. Mom is now with me in Ga. and having steady treatments at the clinic in Cummings is up to 37 sessions walking freely, did take a fall walking the dog, bump her eye and within 3 visits the eye went from bright red to yellow and healed.

Amazing, when one is in this state of the unknown and you look to professionals to guide you into a zone of knowledge and comfort, that’s where the HBOT can help you. Taking our bodies back to the Garden of Eden (HBOT) where people could live 800–900 years, they must have been breathing something GOOD. Thank you again for the education about what good clean air under the right pressure can do for one’s body. After all, the number 1 cancer killer is lung, maybe it is the air we breath? Thank you God, and so much for the HBOT center in Cummings, GA. Margaret and David all the way from Wisconsin, USA

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