Kay M. found hyperbaric therapy helpful in recovering from a stroke.

Kay M. found hyperbaric therapy helpful in recovering from a stroke.

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In July ’02, a brain stem stroke altered Kay’s life drastically. She lost all movement. She could not talk or swallow. She could see, hear and understand people that came and left, but could not respond to them. After 6 months of rehab she was able to talk, eat and walk with a brace and a cane. nKay did some research and learned about hyperbaric therapy, but could not afford the traditional treatments, plus she lived in Louisiana and there was no facilities in her area. She later found the hyperbaric center located in Cumming, GA and began treatment. nKay no longer has cramps and muscle spasms at night, and her hand no longer closes up in a fist. Her toes on her right foot began moving. She is less dependant on her cane and brace to walk. She has more energy, and feels better than ever.
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