La'shaud K. Testimonial

La'shaud K. is a boy with a type of Brain Injury called encephalopathy that has been helped by hyperbaric therapy.

Summary of the testimonial

Our testimony about HBOT comes very easy. As parents of a 6 year old child who is recovering from encephalopathy, (which is a brain injury), we have watched him go from point A to point B. Hyperbaric Therapy has helped our son to get stronger hi his walking and since getting in the chamber he has started to crawl. mHBT has helped his speech to come back. He said "Daddy" for the first time hi two and half years. Our son, La' Shaud got sick when he was 4 years old. Within a twenty four hour period he was not expected to live. The doctors didn't know what happened or why it had happened. La'Shaud was born a normal and healthy little baby. Since March 21, 2000, we have been doing everything that is available for him to get back to himself. He has therapy seven days a week. But the best on of all is Hyperbaric. We have told all of our family and friends about mHBT. We truly believe that the best is still yet to come along with God's grace and mercy. We Thank Our Lord, Jesus Christ for leading us to a person that told us about Hyperbaric.
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