Natasha P Testimonial

Moving testimonial regarding Natasha's battle with Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy & Encephalopathy.

Summary of the testimonial

NATASHA'S TESTIMONY (by mother Priscilla)

God is still performing miracles. My miracle started when my daughter, Natasha Gabrielle Pruitt as born in 1996. She will soon be 8 years old. Natasha was born with a severe brain deformity, which has caused her to have Cerebral Palsy, Microcephily, and a severe seizure disorder.

God has shown me many miracles through this child. The latest miracle began on April 26, 2004 in a pizza place. We had decided to eat lunch after we picked Natasha from school at 2:30 P.M. At the same time, God ordered Bill Schindler to take lunch at the same place. I saw Bill looking at Natasha and I knew he was going to say something. He asked how old she was because she was so small (23 pounds), but you could also tell she is older. Then he asked what was wrong.

Through this conversation, my daughter's life is changing every day. Bill told us about Mild Hyperbaric Therapy Treatments. We had never heard of it before and quite honestly, it was hard to believe all of the things he said about HBOT. But somehow, I knew that what he was telling us was true. He felt it could help Natasha, and it has. Within 45 minutes we were at the Center.

Today was her 16th visit in the chamber. Already there is so much that has happened. Before starting HBOT she would have seizures everyday that would last 20 to 25 minutes. Now, she is having seizures that are on average, 6 minutes. She is no longer going to sleep after her seizures. She has had 8 days total without a seizure at all. Her shortest seizure has been 1 minute long.

Natasha has always had circulation problems with her feet. They would stay cold and purple. Now they are normal in color and warm. She would always grip her right hand real tight together, but now it stays open. She is also reaching with it now. She is pulling herself up into a sitting position now without having to prop on her hand. She looks at us for about 10 minutes at a time and she would not look for more than a minute before.

It is so hard to write a short testimony when you see so much change. I owe this to God first and then to Kevin and Bill. You both are wonderful vessels of God. You both have made it possible for hope to be rekindled in me. I had just accepted things as they were and God came in and started another miracle for me through HBOT and you both.




Priscilla Pruitt

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