Natasha P Testimonial

Moving testimonial regarding Natasha's battle with Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy & Encephalopathy.

Full Text of the testimonial

  • Meet 8-year old Natasha Pruitt. She was born with a severe brain deformity that caused her to have cerebral palsy and encephalopathy. She weighed 23 lbs. before beginning hyperbaric therapy.
  • After one year of treatments, Natasha has gained more weight than she ever has in any other time in her life. She now weighs 28 lbs!
  • Because of her condition Natasha had circulation problems that caused her feet to remain purple and cold constantly. Now her feet are pink and healthy! She has even taken her first 8 steps in life!
  • Natasha has gone from having seizures every day for 20-25 minutes, after which she immediately went to sleep, to 2-3 seizures a week lasting only 1-6 minutes in length, after which she remains alert. (UPDATE: Natasha  has almost completely stopped having seizures!)
  • Natasha has also begun sitting upright, Indian-style. She was never able to sit before mHBOT, without propping on one hand.
  • Natasha has gone from being completely non-verbal to giggles, squeals and other noises. She can make eye contact and looks at people and objects now.
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