Cody C, a boy with autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Cody C, a boy with autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Summary of the testimonial

Dear Bill and everyone at the Hyperbaric Therapy Center , We just wanted to say thank you so very much for having this therapy available for my son. Cody has improved already with 10 sessions; actually, we began to see some improvements after only 2 sessions. What a blessing! These are the improvements we have seen so far: Sleeping better More aware of surroundings More affectionate Playing with toys appropriately Skin color is no longer pale Language improvements More compliant Calmer, not as hyperactive Happier disposition Cody loves getting in the chamber. Watching his favorite videos while having a snack makes the time go by so fast. He also loves your playroom ... what a wonderful atmosphere you have created! Everyone at the center is incredibly nice, knowledgeable and caring...we couldn't be more pleased. We believe that the Hyperbaric Oxygen treatment works very well with the DAN! Protocol we are using. The chelating as well as Cody’s supplements work even better while receiving HBOT. Words can not express the gratitude we have for you and the opportunity you have given us to use the mild HB chamber to help with our son's recovery from autism. You and the entire HBOT staff are awesome!
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