Jordan, a 7 year old boy with autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Jordan, a 7 year old boy with autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Summary of the testimonial

I wanted to let you know about the improvements that we've seen in our son since using hyperbaric therapy. Our son, Jordan, is on the autism spectrum. He's seven years old. We started hyperbaric therapy in February of this year. For the first twenty-five sessions or so we didn't really see an improvement, just very subtle things. Around the 29th session we noticed he was listening better and following directions better. We're able to give him more specific directions, when before most simple one-step directions were difficult for him to follow. For instance, he was listening to his music too loud, so I told him to turn it down. He turned it so far down you couldn't hear it. So 1 told him he could turn it up just a little bit. And he did. I've never given him that direction before, so I was a bit surprised he knew what I was talking about! His eye contact is also better. It used to be that when you talked to him you would have to say, "Jordan, look at me." It's rare to have to say that to him now. Around the 50th session he asked to play outside for the first time in his life! He never had an interest in playing outside. When you did get him out. he'd last about 5 minutes before heading for the house. Now he's asking on a regular basis and he enjoys playing outside. Also around this time we noticed that his speech was increasing. His teacher at school who didn't know we were doing anything new told me how pleased she was with his progress in his speech! Around the 90th session he initiated some pretend play! He had Pooh in one hand and Mickey Mouse in the other and he was having them talk to each other. That same day he laid Mickey on a pillow and told me he was crying. Before this point he had no imagination that we were aware of. His imagination continues to slowly emerge. Thank you for everything. You've been very supportive and kind.
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