Tony, a boy with Autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

Tony, a boy with Autism, improves with hyperbaric therapy.

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The results where phenomenal. To begin, he seemed much more attentive. It was much easier to keep him to task. Also, he began to take a much bigger interest in playing with other children his age. He began to put 3-4 word phrases together, which he had never done before. He also seemed to understand his video games better. Instead of just pushing buttons for stimulation, he played them correctly and seemed to react better to game situations. He makes more eye contact and overall just seems more there. I know that's not extremely specific, but other parents of autistic children will definitely know what I mean. My wife and I were both blown away by the progress. As I said, when we arrived home, the effects of the treatment where much more apparent. Not only did we see very positive change, his speech and occupational therapists and teachers were highly impressed with the changes they seen in him. This goes a long way in getting people to accept the hyperbaric treatment as a wonderful intervention. The very light pressure from the chamber seemed to calm him.
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