Tim Chandler, Cerebral Palsy treatment with hyperbaric

Kathi Chandler writes a letter which talks about how helpul Hyperbaric Therapy has been helpful for her son Tim's cerebral palsy.

Full Text of the testimonial

  • Tim used to require a forearm crutch to walk up until 2 years ago
  • Despite skepticism as to the real benefits of hyperbaric therapy, Tim’s parents opted to try it. The treatment facility was all the way in Ohio and was extremely cost prohibitive. Still, Tim’s parents made the sacrifice so they could treat their son to 40 sessions amidst worries of oxygen toxicity. The Chandlers spent $4,000 and could only treat Tim in the summers.
  • As a result of the therapy, Tim was able to stop using his crutch, and the involuntary shudders he was having a few times daily had completely gone away.
  • When the Chandlers learned about the Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Cumming, they were excited to try it. They wondered if they could get results as good with mild hyperbaric therapy.
  • After realizing the benefits of mHBOT were as amazing as the high-pressure hospital unit, and that they could have one in their own home for the benefit of everyone in their family, the Chandlers bought their own unit.
  • Now they fight over who gets to go in it with Tim!
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