Cerebral Palsy

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Hyperbaric Therapy-Based Multimode Therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy

Full text of a study investigating the inclusion of HBO for the treatment of CP

UDAAN_HBOT_Murkerjee.pdf | 65Kb | 12 pages

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy: medical hope or hot air?

An article published on sfgate.com that summarizes eveidence for the indication of hyperbaric for cerbral palsy

sfgate-030903.pdf | 388Kb | 8 pages

Origin and timing of brain lesions in term infants with neonatal encephalopathy

Full text of a study aimed to test the hypothesis that neonatal encephalopathy, early neonatal seizures, or both result from early antenatal insults.

neonates.pdf | 122Kb | 7 pages

HBO for children with cerebral palsy

The full text of a controlled study

MCGILL_STUDY.pdf | 89Kb | 5 pages

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Cerebral Palsy

Luke's Cerebral Palsy improves through HBO.


Tim Chandler, Cerebral Palsy treatment with hyperbaric

Kathi Chandler writes a letter which talks about how helpul Hyperbaric Therapy has been helpful for her son Tim's cerebral palsy.