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This is the official website of The Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Cumming, GA.

At our center we provide mild hyperbaric therapy sessions to people who may benefit from increased oxygen levels in the blood. Please investigate this website to determine if you or someone you know may be in this group.

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Pam Floener Uses Hyperbaric Therapy to Recover from Stroke

Pam Floener tells her story about how Hyperbaric Therapy enhanced her stroke recovery.

James Harrison Trains With a Hyperbaric Chamber

James Harrison interview. He uses Hyperbaric Therapy as an integral part of his overall workout routine.

Newsmax Ranks The Hyperbaric Therapy Center Among Top Treatment Centers lists The Hyperbaric Therapy Center as #3 on a list of the country's top treatment facilities for Multiple Sclerosis

 The Hyperbaric Therapy Center

Blood is examined with a darkfield microscope before and after a hyperbaric treatment.
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